Monday, March 30, 2015

A Little Bit of Smashbox

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara and Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss in Pink Lady

Smashbox is a brand that's never really been on my radar, probably because the only item I've ever owned from them is a concealer that wasn't the greatest and I'm pretty sure is now discontinued. However, I received these two items as a gift a long time ago and I figured now was a good time to test them out and let you guys know my thoughts!

Smashbox Be Legendary Lip Gloss: Can we all just take in how beautiful this packaging is? It's so sleek and elegant! It seems to be made of glass instead of plastic, which to me screams high end. Despite its gorgeousness, I was a little hesitant to try this product because I'm generally not a fan of lip glosses. I only own one other gloss, and the only reason I bought it was because I heard it was the exact colour Blair Waldorf wore at her wedding on Gossip Girl (I know I know I'm such a geek). I think lip gloss looks so fun and flirty on, but I can't stand the stickiness and how it lasts about 5 seconds. Putting my biases aside I'm going to try and give a description of this gloss the best way that I can. The shade I received is called Pink Lady, which is a nude shade that leans a little over on the pink side. What I actually really liked about it is that it has very little shine--it's just straight up colour with a bit of sheen that makes lips look plumper. What I didn't like about it is that it clung to the dry bits of my lips and accentuated my flaws, but I would attribute that to how light the colour is rather than the actual formula. Overall, a really good gloss if you like lip gloss but not my favourite colour in the world.

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara Review

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara: This mascara gets 4/5 stars on the Sephora website, which is pretty excellent considering how picky people are with their mascara. I'm one of those people, and it takes some serious guns to impress me. The first thing I noticed was that the brush is huge. The picture doesn't do it justice at all! I would compare it to Benefit's Bad Gal or even Diorshow in terms of how big it is. I was also really impressed with how the brush carries the perfect amount of mascara. I'm so used to having to wipe excess mascara on a tissue or on the opening of the bottle to avoid clumps or black crap all over my eyelid. This doesn't do that at all which gives it serious points in my book. My only hesitation before applying was that I'm generally a fan of curved brushes (think Benefit's Rollerlash or Maybelline's Falsies), so I didn't think this would work perfectly on me. I was kind of right. While this isn't my holy grail mascara, it does give me a decent amount of length with lots of volume and no clumps. It's pretty perfect for everyday wear if you're into the natural look. So all in all, do I love it? No... but if you have naturally long eyelashes and not little stubs like me, you probably will!

Have you tried any of these products?

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Hair Game Changer: Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Review

A question I get asked a lot is how I grow my hair so long, and I always give the same answer: Moroccan Oil. I was introduced to drugstore hair oils about four years ago, and I immediately knew I would never stop using them. The tiniest bit makes my hair softer, shinier, and soooo much healthier looking. I used to have this horrible habit of splitting my split ends or *shudder* ripping the dead ends right off, so hair oil was the miracle product I needed to repair my hair and start treating it right. For a while drugstore oils worked alright, but I kept hearing about a miracle product called Moroccan Oil that people raved about and I knew I had to get my hands on it. I'm very lucky because my amazing aunt always brings me bottles of this stuff, so I've never actually had to bite the bullet and spend the 40 bucks on it, but if for some reason she stops buying this for me I will happily fork over my money. The reason is because this stuff is AMAZING! The most amazing hair product you will ever use, I promise!

Moroccan Oil Review

First off: the smell. I can't pinpoint what it smells like exactly, but I think the best way to put it is (warning: I'm going to be a tad dramatic here) heaven. The smell will linger in your hair all day long. I've had people compliment me on how good my hair smells which is a little bizarre but I feel an odd sense of pride when they do!

I think the most important thing to say before I babble on for 5000 more words is that it has completely transformed my hair. I used to have the type of hair that would never grow past a certain length, and now it never stops growing. It's also made my hair thicker, stronger, and it leaves zero residue. I recently got highlights and I was worried the oil would turn the colour brassy but it hasn't at all. If you have colour treated hair and you're worried about this you could always try the light version!

Moroccan Oil Review

This is the one product I will continue to repurchase forever. It lasts for ages (a bottle usually lasts me close to a year) and I've never tried a hair product that comes close to its amazingness. Using this in combination with the Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Hair Mask works even better.

Have you tried Moroccan Oil?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Mac Twig Dupe?

Mac Twig Dupe

The other day I was scrolling through Pinterest and I found a post that claimed Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice was a dupe for the infamous Mac Twig. I'm a huge fan of drugstore lipsticks and I think so many brands are upping their game and creating lip products that are close if not on par to the quality of high end brands. BUT... I think we can all agree there's nothing quite like the shades Mac offers, which is why I was really excited to see this potential dupe!

Mac Twig Dupe

Mac Twig Dupe

I'm always really skeptical of these Pinterest dupe posts because too often shades are misrepresented in photos and it's really hard to determine how similar colours are to one another. My first impression was that in the tube the shades are not the same. Twig is more of a rosy brown with a touch of red, whereas Touch of Spice looks a lot more pink. Because Twig is a Satin finish and Touch of Spice is a creamy matte, both shades glide on super smooth and the finish is identical. Neither are drying which is also a huge plus for my already dry lips.

Mac Twig Dupe

Can you guess which is which? I expected Twig to be the deeper shade, but Maybelline Touch of Spice is actually the top swatch. As you can see, both of these shades look different applied than in the tube, but they're still slightly different. Touch of Spice has more of a red undertone whereas Twig is a lot browner. So... while this may not be a dupe per say, they're still very similar and you can probably easily convince anyone you were wearing Twig if you were wearing Touch of Spice.

Dupe debunked! What do you think of these two shades?

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Collective Haul ft. Mac, Clinique, Maybelline, and La Roche-Posay


I might be new to beauty blogging, but I'm definitely not a beginner when it comes to buying way too many beauty products. Since I'm a broke student, these items were not purchased in one go but I haven't really used any of them yet so that counts as a haul right? I say yes! These are all products I've been lusting over for months, and chances are you're familiar with most if not all of them.

La Roche-Posay Effacer Duo+: I've seen this floating around online for what feels like forever and I'm really excited to see what all the fuss is about. I went to three separate Shopper's and they were all sold out of it (which made me want it even more) so I'm going to take that as a good sign. I have sensitive skin that's relatively clear, except the pores on my nose are always clogged no matter what I do so I'm praying that this will be the product that finally works for me. I'll do a proper review once I've been using this for a few weeks!

Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Soar, Maybelline Touch of Spice, Clinique Chubby Contour

Maybelline Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick in Touch of Spice: This shade is so beautiful and the formula is creamy but not shiny which I love. Very 90s but dark enough that you could rock it as a statement lip for a night out. This looks great over Mac Dervish liner, and I've heard it's a dupe for Mac Twig so stay tuned for a post on that later!

Mac Lipstick in Velvet Teddy: I HAD TO! I don't think this shade needs any explanation because it's so hyped right now and everyone in the world owns it but it's finally mine and I couldn't be happier! It's a beautiful browny pinky colour which I've been pairing with Mac Soar instead of Whirl. I tried on Whirl at the Mac counter but it was just way too brown for me so I love how Soar brings out more of the pink in this shade.

Mac Soar Lip Liner: Nicole already wrote about Soar here so I won't go into detail, but after seeing the great things she had to say about it and how beautiful the colour is I had to have it. This has been sold out near me for months and I managed to get the last one so yay for me! Other than Velvet Teddy, this looks freaking awesome with Mac Brave and on it's own.

Clinique Chubby Stick Sculpting Contour: How cute is this little chubby stick?! I am a complete noob to contouring and those beautiful powder countering kits just overwhelm me at this point so I thought I would stick to something that looked relatively simple until I get the hang of it. I haven't actually used this on my face yet, but it's super pigmented and creamy which gives me high hopes. The colour looks pretty scary and very very brown against my fair skin so fingers crossed this actually blends and I don't look like a Halloween character.

Mac Velvet Teddy, Mac Soar, Maybelline Touch of Spice, Clinique Chubby Contour

From top to bottom: Mac Soar, Mac Velvet Teddy, Maybelline Touch of Spice, Clinique Chubby Contour in 01 (the only shade available right now I believe).

And that's it! What have you guys been buying lately?

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Get The Look: Bachelor Contestant Britt's Signature Fuchsia Lip


I don't know about you guys, but I am freaking obsessed with the Bachelor/the Bachelorette. I've been watching since the first season aired in 2002 (I wasn't even 10 years old so I turned away at all the kiss bits but still!!). As I've gotten older watching the show has become a bit of a social event because I get together with my friends each week and we make cocktails and bring all sorts of snacks.  It's honestly the highlight of my week (no matter how embarrassing that might be) and I'm so anxious for the new season to start! For those of you who don't watch, Britt was the front runner for a huge amount of the season and she created quite a stir with rumours that she applies makeup before bed and doesn't shower. I think that's all baloney but that's the Bachelor for ya!

IMG_1369Throughout the show Britt rocked a fuchsia lip that tons of people fell in love with. She took to Instagram and revealed it was $1.99 from CVS (my kind of girl), but she didn't mention the brand or colour. I'm assuming it's either Wet N Wild or NYX as these are the only brands I can think of that sell lip products for that cheap, but I can't say for sure. BUT I did look through my lipstick collection and found a bunch of drugstore shades I think are very similar to her signature pout!

L'Oreal Infalliable Lipstick in Forever Fuchsia: This is the shade I think is the most similar to her look. It's super pigmented and creamy, and is definitely one of the higher quality drugstore lipsticks I've tried.

Maybelline Color Whisper in Who Wore It Red-Er: Even though the name describes this shade as red, it's very pink. What I love about this lipstick is that it's moisturizing and buildable, so you can wear it relatively sheer or layer it on for a Britt look.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Raspberry Pie: I've talked about this shade before on the blog because it's been one of my favourites for a while now. It goes on beautifully and isn't drying, but the finish is slightly shinier than what I've seen Britt wearing. 

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Pink Pop and Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain in Passion: I added these two to the list because they give the look of a bright pink lip without being too overwhelming for those that are a little nervous to rock such bright shades. On their own these colours go on pretty sheer with a subtle hint of colour, but paired together the colour intensifies and is similar to how Pink Pop looks in the tube.

From top to bottom: Revlon in Raspberry Pie, Maybelline in Who Wore It Red-Er, L'Oreal in Forever Fuchsia, Revlon in Passion, and Revlon in Pink Pop (which looks really crummy on my arm but is actually really pretty I promise!)

Overall, I'm in love with all of these shades and seeing them all swatched makes me want to change out of my sweats and go do my makeup... almost.

Which is your favourite?


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What's In My Topbox | March 2015

IMG_1139Can we all just take in how amazing this month's Topbox is????!! For those of you who don't know, Topbox is a Canadian beauty subscription box where you get sent 4 to 5 high end samples each month for $12. I first subscribed to Topbox in the summer but since I don't have a credit card I signed up using my mum's, and for some reason she got tired of making the monthly payments for me??? Heheh just kidding. I recently resubscribed, and these are my goodies.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara: I literally screeched for joy when I opened my box and found this. This product has been all over the blogging world recently and I've read great things about it, so I'm super excited to use it! I'm currently in the phase of "this product is too beautiful to take out of its packaging" so I'll give a proper review once I've used it. One thing I've noticed already is that the lid isn't the beautiful roller lash lid that comes with the full size (it's just a normal solid pink colour) but I guuuuuesss what matters most is what's inside. The full size retails for $29, and my size is 0.1 oz making it worth $9.67.

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel: This is another product I've heard a lot about and have been wanting to try, but I'm fortunate enough to not have problems with undereye puffies and fine lines (at least I think I don't....*runs to mirror*) so this hasn't been on my must have beauty list. Like Roller Lash, the packaging doesn't come with the cute little iron on the tip like the full size does, but I can live with that. Full size retails for $35, and my size is 0.08 oz making it worth $8.24.

Benefit It's Potent! Eye Cream: Ditto to Puff Off, I also don't have problems with dark circles and fine lines under my eyes just yet. Even though that's the case, I've heard raving reviews about the power of this cream and I'm excited to see what all the fuss is about. I'll definitely be reserving this for the inevitable all nighters that are going down when exam season rolls around. Full size retails for $40, my size is 0.1 oz making it worth $8.

Benefit POREfessional Primer: Hallelujah, I finally get to try this!!!! This isn't a new Benefit product but it's definitely a goodie based on the zillions of positive reviews I've read about it. I've tried a bunch of primers that make claims to reduce the appearance of pores while helping makeup stay put, including Benefit's Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer which I reviewed here, but nothing has seriously wowed me. Hopefully this product will be the one that does! Full size retails for $37, and my size is 0.1 oz making it worth $5.07.

Total Value of Topbox: $30.98

Overall, I'm super impressed with this month's Topbox and I'm genuinely excited to try all of these products. 

What do you think of this month's Topbox?


Monday, March 16, 2015

My 5 Minute and 5 Product Face

IMG_1371People that know me might read the title "5 minute face" and laugh--I'm looking at you mom--because it isn't a secret that I am probably the slowest person on the planet at getting ready. It isn't because I wear a ton of makeup or I don't know what I'm doing, but it's because I make it a huge process. I take out my laptop, put on Netflix, and sit in front of the mirror for waaaaay too long dilly dallying. Those same people will also know that I hate waking up early, and I'll do just about anything to give myself a few extra minutes of sleep, including sacrificing my beauty routine. So on days where I roll out of bed 20 minutes before I'm supposed to be in class, these are the products I use to achieve a really quick but still put together look.

IMG_1342_2First I use Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Perfector BB Cream. This stuff has been my holy grail face product for years, and since discovering it I've stopped wearing foundation altogether. Because BB cream is best applied with clean hands rather than sponges or foundation brushes, it takes under 20 seconds to achieve flawless looking skin.

On days where I need a little extra coverage, I apply concealer under my eyes or on problem areas like around my nose. Right now I'm using L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer.

Bronzer has always been one of my favourite beauty products because it makes my skin look so much more radiant and healthy. Right now I'm using Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna, which I raved about here. I lightly dust this all over my face, and then apply a little extra to the hollows of my cheeks. 

Eyeliner is another product I know a lot of people go without, but I always feel a little naked without at least a little bit. I apply Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner Pen to the outer corners of my upper lash line, and extend it into a very subtle wing. This is just enough to make my lashes look fuller and my eyes a little wider.

Last, I apply mascara to finish the look. Right now I'm using Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara which I'm absolutely obsessed with because it only takes one coat to give my lashes a ton of length, and on mornings where I'm in a rush I can forego my eyelash curler.

And I'm done! I know I skipped brows, blush, and some sort of lip colour but those tend to take a backseat when I'm in a rush.

What does your 5 minute face routine look like?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Favourite Everyday Lip | Mac Dervish Lip Liner and Mac Brave Lipstick

Hi guys!!!! I'm currently lying in bed right now with the world's worst hangover so I'm going to try and make this post sound as peppy as I can (even though I'm dying inside). Someone please order me a pizza with a side of bagel STAT.

I have a secret. I'm a Mac lipstick virgin. Up until recently I had never bought one so I never fully understood the hype that surrounded them. Yes they're beautiful and they come in so many gorgeous shades but how much better than normal lipstick could they be? It turns out SO MUCH BETTER. I am mad at all the people in my life who use Mac lipstick and never encouraged me to buy one, so thank goodness I have you fellow beauty bloggers to steer me in the right direction.

The shades I chose are the cult favourite "Brave" (a Kylie Jenner favourite I've heard but I'm sure I'm very late to this bandwagon) and a lip liner in "Dervish". I'm told that Brave looks stunning with the Soar liner which Nicole reviewed here, but she's hoarding it at the moment so I can't say for sure.

Brave is a beautiful rosy shade on its own, and Dervish is slightly darker than the colour of my natural lips. When paired together Brave looks a little darker, and it's easily become my new favourite everyday lip. The colours looks great with my skin tone and it just makes me look very polished and put together. As for the application and wear of this lipstick..... holy crap!!! It goes on like silk, doesn't dry out my lips, and it lasts me for hours. I'm in love which worries me because I can't afford to become addicted to Mac lipsticks right now! Eeep.

Here are the two shades swatched side by side so you can see how similar they are to each other. I've also tried Dervish with loads of other lipstick colours (even red), and since it's so neutral it looks great under them all. If you're new to liners like me and can't afford to match all of your lipsticks to a unique liner colour, purchase Dervish! It'll increase the wear time of whatever shade you pair it with, and it'll prevent colours from bleeding or feathering.

What do you think of this combo?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

You Have To Try | Vaseline Spray & Go

If I had to pick a beauty area I've neglected most of my life it would hands down be moisturizing my body. Up until a few years ago I would buy bottles upon bottles of beautiful smelling lotions from Victoria Secret and the Body Shop and they would just end up gathering dust in my cupboard. My beauty routine dramatically changed when I read an article describing the importance of keeping your body moisturized, and how even those crummy lotions you get for free at hotels have some serious benefits. We all know that keeping your face moisturized prevents signs of aging, but the same can be said about your body. Keeping your body hydrated will improve and maintain your skin's elasticity, and it will help prevent and get rid of pesky stretch marks. I've also read that if you have cellulite, moisturizing daily will reduce its appearance. Alright, have I convinced you all you should be moisturizing yet?!?! 

If you're like me you can't be bothered to spend time lathering on heavy body butters and waiting for your skin to dry before you can get dressed every single day. I love doing that when I have the time, but usually that just isn't the case. Vaseline Spray & Go is perfect for days I need to get in and out of my bathroom super quick. It's so easy to apply, dries instantly, and smells so nice and fresh. It also feels cool and refreshing on the skin which I love, especially after a really hot shower.

IMG_0942 While this isn't the most moisturizing product in the world, I've definitely noticed an improved look and feel to my skin since I made this a part of my daily routine. It leaves a nice glow behind, so I always give my legs a quick spray before a night out to give them a little something extra. It comes in two other scents (Cocoa Radiant and Total Moisture) plus a version for men which comes in a really sleek black bottle! I've already convinced my boyfriend to pick one up.

What do you guys think of these types of moisturizers?

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Trip to Sephora | Nars Laguna Bronzing Powder and Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon

I'm wrapping up my last year of my undergraduate degree this semester and things have been insanely hectic. When my housemates suggested going to the mall to check out Sephora I jumped at the chance to throw away my books for a couple of hours and shop. I didn't purchase a crazy amount of items (which is so easy to do and so hard to resist) but I did pick up a couple of things that I'm really excited about.

Nars Bronzing Powder in Laguna
The first thing I picked up isn't a new pick, as it's been my go-to bronzer for a couple of years now. Before purchasing Laguna I didn't see the point of splurging on a high end bronzer when my drugstore products were a fraction of the price and could do a similar job, but I was sooooo wrong! I'm a huge fan of Nars products and find them to be extremely high quality, and this bronzer is no exception. It's a beautiful bronze colour that compliments my fair skin perfectly, and it's very buildable. This makes it wearable no matter how fair or tanned I may be because it's super easy to up the intensity and colour depending on my needs. I wouldn't describe it as a matte bronzer because it does have a little bit of shimmer to it, but it's very subtle and you'll by no means end up looking like a disco ball. It's also super long lasting and the colour doesn't fade much throughout the day. My only complaint about this product is the price ($45 at Sephora) but it lasts for ages, and the packaging is resistant to falls that have too often shattered my bronzers in the past.

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon in Blacquer
I got this product as a free sample by redeeming some of my Beauty Insider points! The size is very generous and I can imagine that even though it's not full size it'll still last me a while. I've only used this liner a couple of times so far, but I'm already so impressed with it. It has a gel formula but in the form of a crayon with a built in sharpener. I've always loved gel liners but find the pot and brush method can get messy and tedious, so this solves that problem. It also has great colour payoff AND it's waterproof, which is a huge plus for me. Since this liner has a built in sharpener, I find it difficult to draw on wings because I can't get the lines sharp enough, but that's my only complaint. You can purchase Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Eye Crayon here.

Overall, I'm really happy with both of these products. Have you tried either of these?

Monday, March 9, 2015

MAC Lip Pencil in Soar | Review

If I were ever in a position where I had to choose between lip liner or lipstick, I would choose lip liner without hesitation. Lip liner is truly a staple in my makeup bag; a great lip pencil can stand alone without lipstick, whereas lipstick (in my opinion) requires lip liner to look its best. When shopping for a good lip pencil, there are a few key things to keep an eye out for: smooth application and texture, strong pigmentation, and long-lasting colour.

My favourite liner by far is MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Soar. This liner has a smooth, creamy texture that is perfect for lining or filling in your lips, and the colour is beautiful. It is a deep, sultry mauve shade that you can easily pull off during the day or night. It goes on smooth and lasts for hours without fading or flaking.

When applying this liner, I like to blend the colour in with my fingers for a more natural look; skip this step if you want a more shaped and defined look. What I love about this liner is it can stand alone as gorgeous lip stain, but its neutral tone makes it easy to combine with a wide variety of lipstick shades. I can use it as the base for almost any lipstick colour - mauves and neutrals, deep reds or browns, and even a lot of pinks. My favourite lipstick to pair with this liner is Nöyah Lipstick in Deeply in Mauve (pictured below).

MAC Cosmetics are typically pricey, but for the quality of this lip pencil, $16 is a steal. Soar is a very difficult shade to acquire, and is usually out of stock. If you happen to come across it, BUY IT. Every review I have seen establishes this liner as a must-have, and it really is. It will quickly become your go-to lip, and a necessity in your makeup bag.

Have you tried MAC Lip Pencils? What did you think?


Friday, March 6, 2015

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse | Review

Using self-tanner is not something I do often because it requires a lot of time and effort that I just don't always have. However, during the winter my already fair skin turns a blinding shade of white, so when I plan an evening out I turn to self-tanners to gain a little extra confidence. I don't know what it is about having a tan that makes me feel 10000000% better about myself (and I wish I wasn't this vain) but I just feel thinner and healthier looking when my skin has a bit of colour. After hearing countless horror stories about tanning beds and the negative effects they have, I've steered clear from ultraviolet lightbulbs and turned to the tanning in a bottle approach.

I'm on my third bottle of St. Tropez now, so I've definitely used this product enough times to have an accurate view of its ups and downs. If you're new to self-tanning, the golden rule is to exfoliate beforehand and moisturize any dry areas. For me this is my ankles, elbows, the insides of my elbows, and my knees. DO NOT skimp on these steps because if you do your tan will be uneven, and you'll look like a streaky mess. Trust me.

I find it easiest to apply this product with a mitt, but you can use your hands if you give them a thorough scrub after. You'll notice that when you first apply you'll look very dark, but it's just the guide colour working to show you the spots you may have missed. 

Okay, on to the pros and cons I've noticed with St. Tropez:

1. The biggest and most obvious pro to begin with is this stuff really works. It leaves me with a gorgeous glow every time.
2. It dries quickly. The worst part about self-tanners is standing around the bathroom naked and bored waiting to dry off, but the longest I wait with this product is a couple of minutes.
3. The bottle lasts me ages, so even though it might seem like you need a lot of product to cover your entire body it's a little deceiving. Then again, it also depends how often you reapply as I generally use this only once a week or less.
4. It fades evenly. 

1. Even though this product claims to be scent-free, it stinks. I mean really reeks. I can't even stand the smell of myself in bed at night, and if I don't exfoliate enough in the morning the smell lingers for the entire day. 
2. It costs a pretty penny. A full size bottle costs about $50 at Sephora.
3. Your tan won't last longer than a week. I usually start to notice my tan fading after 3 days if I remember to moisturize every day (I read somewhere that moisturizing prolongs the tan) and by day 7 it's completely gone.
4. The bottle says you can develop a tan in as little as 4 hours before you need to wash off, but in my experience it's more like 10 hours.

Before using St. Tropez:


As you can see, there isn't a dramatic difference but my legs are definitely more tanned but natural looking. My legs are also slightly darker in real life than in the photo! If you're looking for a deeper tan, you could reapply two days in a row or purchase St. Tropez Dark Bronzing Mousse. For me this colour is perfect, especially during the winter months where I don't want it to be too obvious that my tan is fake.

What's your favourite self-tanner?
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