Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Can't Live Without | Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask

One of my favourite things to do when I have the time is to take a long shower and lounge around the house in a hair and face mask. There's something about being really clean and moisturized that makes me feel pampered. Over the years I've tried countless hair masks, but the Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask is hands down the best one I've ever tried. I have really long hair that can be a pain to untangle when I get out of the shower, but after using this I can run a brush through my hair no problem (even if I flip my hair over and scrunch it dry with a towel). 

Think of this product as a body butter for your hair, as it's really thick and moisturizing. However, the awesome part about this in particular is that since it's designed for fine hair, it won't leave any residue. There is nothing I hate more than drying my hair and realizing a conditioner I've used has left a film that makes my hair feel and look dirtier than before I washed it. This stuff won't do that. Even if you don't have fine hair (which I don't) you will still love it. It's also worth noting that I've tried the Restorative Hair Mask which comes with an orange lid and is designed for weakened and damaged hair, but I haven't noticed a real difference between the two.

I usually apply this to towel dried hair and throw my hair in a shower cap for a good 20 minutes before rinsing. If you don't have time to do that, use this in place of your conditioner and don't rinse until you've finished cleansing/shaving in the shower. This mask retails for about $41 at salons and online, which seems pricey but I strongly believe that if you want your hair to look long and healthy it's worth the splurge. Using this in combination with Moroccan Oil Original Treatment (which I will rave about another time) has changed my hair and I can't imagine I will ever stop buying this.

Have you tried any Moroccan Oil Hair Masks?

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  1. Have this in my hair routine, amazing! Helps keep my hair in good condition!


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