Monday, July 6, 2015

My Thoughts On | Simple Skincare

Simple Skincare Review

It's that time of the month and my skin has been acting up like craaaazy! I've been getting pimples in the most random spots like smack dab in the middle of the little indentation under my nose/above my lip, and right under my brow bone. It sucks and having pimples in general just lowers my confidence and makes me feel poopy.  I ran to Shopper's to buy something that would hopefully calm my skin down and this brand caught my eye because the products are targeted specifically for sensitive skin (ME!!), and they don't contain any artificial perfumes or dyes which looked promising.

Simple Skincare Review

The first thing I picked up is the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash. I expected the consistency to look and feel like a cream, but it's somewhere between a gel and a cream because it's only semi-opaque and not too thick. I've been using this cleanser for a few weeks now and overall I'm not overwhelmed by its awesomeness. It's good because it doesn't irritate my skin, it doesn't make my skin feel too dry, and it hasn't caused any extra breakouts... buuuuut I haven't noticed a huge difference in how my skin looks/feels since using it. I guess in short if I had to describe my thoughts on this cleanser in one word it would be "meh....". 

Simple Skincare Review

Next I picked up the Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15. I've been really liking using this as a daily moisturizer, especially now that it's summer, because it contains SPF, absorbs into the skin instantly, and isn't so thick that it clogs my pores or breaks me out. When I feel my nose starting to get a little dry or if my skin starts to peel (which it always does) I put some of this on and almost instantly my skin looks glowing and healthy. Usually I'm more into gel creams but I really really like this!

Simple Skincare Review

Last is the absolute star of the show, the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water. This is a complete and total dupe for Bioderma's Micellar Water. It has no smell and it feels exactly like I'm cleansing with water except it removes all of my makeup instantly. Normally I apply some of the micellar water to a couple cotton rounds and remove all of my makeup (even waterproof mascara which it mostly removes) before I wash my face and I've noticed that my skin looks so much smoother and cleaner after I properly cleanse. It's extremely gentle on the skin but so effective. If you haven't tried this micellar water yet you need to!

Have you tried any Simple skincare products?

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